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LDPE Agglomerate end user...

If you are an end user of LDPE Agglomerates.. 
Then we could be the perfect match for you !

We at TRH produce a constant quality of LDPE agglomerate ex cable recycling.


With our unique separation system we can produce a >99% pure PE agglomerate. It's not suitable to make film, but has a whole range of applications.  We have customers that use it for producing Eco grids in an injection moulding process, or extrude it to make boards, planks, cable covers etc.

The agglomerate has the following properties:

  • Colour - Black

  • MFI < 1

  • < 0,5% small aluminium flakes

  • <0,5% "others"

Production -  500 Mt per month.  

We would be more then happy to send you some samples, or to visit your plant to discuss possibilities.